Free Logo Setup; Low Minimums on Embroidery


Thousands of books have been written about the importance of branding and how it can multiply your brand’s visibility. What’s a better way to start than uniforms? Let your staff proudly wear the brand name and hence spread word effortlessly.

How can this be done? One word. Embroidery!

A simple piece of embroidery on work uniforms can help build brand awareness greatly. It can at once add class to the uniform.

Trust Corporate Apparel Online (CAO) with all your embroidery needs. This is a place where we can show off our expertise. You will be pleased with the results. Our team of designers can whip up magic and show it off in the embroidery.

We have various options available to match consumer budget. Think no further, invest in Embroidery and reap great benefits. There’s nothing like leaving a mark in your customer’s minds.