The legging is a garment that has been used across centuries in different forms, both by men and women. The main purpose of wearing leggings was for warmth and protection. Though today leggings are mostly associated as a garment for women, it is also worn by men in cold regions.

Leggings were popularised in the 18th century when it was mostly used as men's wear. The garment then was made of cloth or leather and it wrapped around the leg down to the ankle. It was by the 1960s that leggings found its way back to women’s fashion, and now it is one of the most sought after women’s clothing all over the world.

Leggings, in the present day, are elastic close-fitting garments worn over the legs. This garment was used mainly to be worn while women engaged in aerobics, and later it found its way into streetwear. The great quality of leggings is that they are stretchable and fits the legs. It can help in providing the wearer with the best range of motion and enables the wearer to stretch as much as possible. Now it has become a common fashion trend of wearing leggings as a part of sporting activities and in casual settings.

As leggings are used for partaking in highly rigorous activities, they should have a high work ethic and durable nature. Only then can it help you to perform these tasks easily. So, let’s meet one of them, and it is the Biz Collection Ladies Flex 3/4 Leggings.

The Biz Collection Ladies Flex 3/4 Leggings is an awesome legging coming with the innovative BIZ COOL feature. Biz Cool is a highly breathable performance fabric which comes with unique moisture-wicking fabric technology. This technology helps in providing you with maximum comfort and in keeping you cool when you need it most. So, no matter how hard you work, you would always be cool and comfortable with this range.

The Biz Collection Ladies Flex 3/4 Leggings has a fabric composition of 89% Nylon and 11% Elastane, which lends it durability and stretch. The fabric has a 4 Way Stretch property which ensures the best flexibility at all times. This power stretch performance fabric provides no show through, which makes you extra comfortable.

Coming in a modern fit style, the fabric contours to your shape and has a thickness of 310 gsm. This legging is also fit to be worn outside in the sun, as it provides the best sun protection with an excellent UPF rating of 50+.

The legging has an extra wide comfort waistband with flat seams. This can prevent the waistband from pressing hard against your skin and making you uncomfortable. As the wearer’s wish, the waistband can be worn up for more coverage, or it can also be folded down onto the hip for added comfort. The reflective visibility tape leg feature can add to the styling of the garment. The legging also has an internal key fob pocket to place keys and other things safely.

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