The term ‘shirt’ brings to our mind the image of a garment that is worn most by gents. Though women have started to use shirts widely, particularly for corporate needs, these garments have always been associated with men. Shirts have the property of covering the wearer’s body from neck to waist.

Shirts, originally, were undergarments that were worn exclusively by men, and it has been a garment that has been used from the earlier days. Shirts were used as undergarments up until the 20th century and till the end of the 19th century, it was considered improper to show one’s shirt outside. Now, this is one of the most widely used outerwear by the people.

But now, shirts, coming in a variety of colours are commonplace and is worn by all sorts of people. Shirts are widely accepted because they are easy on the body and comfortable to wear. They can accentuate the style of the wearer, whatever purposes they are used for. One brand that brings out quality Gents shirts is City Collection.

City Collection is a brand that is engaged in providing the Australian population, men and women alike, with the best corporate uniforms. It has been almost 2 decades since this brand had started its operations. Owing its heritage to a business house that for many decades provided various retail stores with exclusive men’s business and casual shirts, and the quality of products they now deliver, City Collection has become the most popular brand in Australia.

City Collection was started exclusively to provide quality dressing solutions to the corporate uniform market. The main aim of the City Collection brand is to make work easy, which they achieve with innovative dressings. With a great product range that includes high-quality shirts and blouses, City Collection now caters to different industry verticals.

City Collection believes that a shirt and a blouse is the central piece that completes a corporates wardrobe. As they have realised the powerful message a shirt can convey, they chose to design and create them with the highest quality fabrics and craftsmanship.

The markets that City Collection now caters to are mainly Hospitality, Health Care and Office or Sales, by offering a comprehensive range of ladies and men’s shirting. Each product catering to each industry is carefully selected and ensured that they are hard wearing and durable fabrics that can stand up to the test of time and perform well and cater to the everyday requirements of the industry. This high-quality assurance and excellent services have helped City Collection to grow up into being one of the market leaders in the corporate uniform market.

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