Singlets can be called as the most versatile and functional of all garments. Known in a variety of names and in a variety of styles, this garment caters to the many needs of the people, be it to use it as activewear, underwear or casual wear.

Singlets are also known as vests or as A-shirt or tank tops in some parts of the world. Though in different names, all of them have the same shape, which is a one-piece collarless, buttonless and usually pocketless garment, sleeveless and covering the upper body. Singlets are often worn as a garment for sports events such as basketball and track-and-field events, while they are also worn under a shirt for comfort.

As singlets are mainly used for sports events, they are designed to showcase the best durability and easily cater to all the needs of the wearer. The neck and armholes of singlets would have reinforced stitching that adds to the durability of the garment so that it easily functions and provides greater resistance to wear and tear.

For a unique styling and in places where the weather is hot and humid, singlets would be worn alone, without a shirt or top shirt. As a part of casual wear, they are used while completing chores at home or other places and also as lounge wear. Well, whatever your need, there is no doubt that singlets would perform the function with much ease.

Singlets are unisex garments, meaning that they are created for both men and women. But singlets for women will be in a slightly different shape than of men, so as not to let them appear vulgar. Singlets are extensively used by men because they usually partake in physical activities and lead an active lifestyle. Thus the increased popularity of gents singlets has made many manufacturing houses to bring out quality products that catered to their different needs.

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