To identify the best garment, we would check its quality, its functionality and other things. In all respects, polos can be identified as the best garment used by the people around the world. Why? Because it is highly functional, comfortable and durable.

Polos were originally designed as activewear. It was first used in tennis matches and was designed by a tennis player in the latter half of the 1920s. It was used to replace the then existing tennis whites used in sport. The players wore white long-sleeved shirts with their sleeves rolled up. During the match, due to constant use of the hand, these sleeves would roll down and cause discomfort.

To counter this, a white, short-sleeved, loosely-knit pique cotton shirt with a buttoned placket. This garment was successful in providing the best comfort and having an easy and smooth play. It is still being used in tennis games and we can also see its application in polo games and is also considered as the standard attire for golf.

Polos, being created specifically for sports purposes, are considered as greatly durable and functional, as they would have to cope with the stress of those activities. Polos can also easily function as casual or informal wear, and provide the wearer with comfort, no matter what the task he is engaged in.

Polos were mostly used by men, but now it has found its way to the women’s fashion industry. An easiness to wear and the style it delivers has made it highly popular among women. And also women being more engaged in a physically active lifestyle has contributed to the popularity of polos.

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