One of the most important sectors would be the Healthcare sector. This is the sector where quality service must be provided, along with quality safety and infection control measures. The true fact is that despite working hard to control infection around the world, healthcare personnel are not always able to limit the spread of infection within their own facilities.

One of the garments that help in this is scrubs. Scrubs are types of sanitary clothing that are worn by physicians, surgeons, nurses and other workers who are involved in patient care in hospitals. Originally, scrubs were designed to be used by surgeons and other personnel who enter the operating room. They wore these garments while sterilizing themselves. Today, scrubs are used by a variety of hospital personnel for a variety of purposes.

Now, scrubs are not limited only to the hospital environment but in many other areas as well. Scrubs are also commonly used in those work environments where there is a risk of clothing coming in contact with infectious and harmful agents. Why scrubs are so popular in these environments is that they have a simple design and don’t offer many places for contamination to hide They are also easy to launder and can be easily replaced if they are damaged or stained beyond repair.

Being important garments for the healthcare sector, there has arisen the need for high-quality scrubs that performed the best and provided the wearers with the best safety. Many clothing manufacturers are now engaged in bringing out a great range of scrubs that help the wearers to be cool and comfortable even while they are engaged in the most demanding of tasks.

One such brand is Australia’s best-loved one - NNT Uniforms. This brand was established in 1962 and for over 50 years it has been at the forefront of providing the best products for the people. The wish of NNT Uniforms was to be innovators in style. Where all other brands failed, NNT Uniforms was able to provide distinctive style.

What NNT Uniforms desires to provide each of its customers with are garments that suit fashion and function with ease. This quality helps it to stay classes apart from other brands that are either aimed at providing style or at providing functional clothing. The greatest innovation NNT Uniforms have brought about is in the healthcare sector. These innovations have helped the caregivers to easily attend to the needs of the elderly, in a safe environment.

The clothes designed for the healthcare sector is made of an innovative UV ray repellent, antibacterial fabric that provides quality antimicrobial protection. This is achieved by the Aerosilver technology that helps in inhibiting the growth of germs. This fabric helps in improving infection control in health and aged care sectors and preventing odour. The garments from this brand are also designed with Aerocool, which is an innovative moisture wicking system that draws moisture away from the body to keep the wearer cool and dry at all times.

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