ADVATEX, simply defined, is the most advanced type of textile. With the world around us getting smarter each day, why can’t clothing be smarter too? Well, it has become, and it is thanks to Biz Corporates brand, for bringing out their most advanced range of clothing - ADVATEX.

Biz Corporates is a brand that has a wide range of clothing designed specifically for the corporate community, and the brand name reveals so. This brand is all about making dressing easy. This brand lets you feel the difference, which could be the difference in quality, in comfort, in durability and every other area that you consider important for a garment.

Biz Corporates is one of the most favoured clothing brands in Australia, as it provides the Aussie population exactly with what they need. This brand is a part of the global fashion house - Fashion Biz. Well, this has immensely helped the brand to understand what the people truly need and provide them with what they require. Today, this brand is the “go-to design business wardrobe brand with everyday-inspired combinations”.

ADVATEX, an innovation by Biz Corporates, is a range that marks the beginning of a new era in infection control. This range of clothing is specifically designed for those who are engaged in providing services in Healthcare and Aged Care environments. Well, even though hospitals and healthcare personnel work hard to control infections all over the world, they struggle to control infection rates within their own facilities. It is where ADVATEX range of clothing comes in.

The ADVATEX range of clothing helps in limiting the spread of bacteria from caregiver to patient via their workplace apparel. And how is it done so? The technology behind ADVATEX was developed from the long-proven fact that the element silver has a bacteriostatic effect.

The antimicrobial effect of the natural element silver is exclusively based on free silver ions. By the ‘triple effect’ mechanism, silver ions with a positive charge bring in their bacteriostatic effects. To create ADVATEX, the element Silver is converted into a Silver Compound, and then the highly efficient, microscopic compound is applied to the textiles via a unique coating procedure. Well, the best part is that it is much safe for your skin.

ADVATEX garment has been tested on eight types of bacteria and it was successful in countering them. When any of those bacteria would find itself on an ADVATEX garment, it was found out to perish up to 80-99% of the times. The ADVATEX fabric coating is not only able to resist bacteria, but also to actively eliminate it.

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