Polo shirt, though originally designed for active wear, is now a garment that is used to serve a variety of functions, such as a casual wear and informal wear. It is mainly used by men, even though now, designs are available exclusively for women, and even unisex styles too.

Polos were originally designed to cater to the needs of the tennis players, as the apparel that they wore were white long-sleeved shirts and trousers, which posed plenty of problems for them. The sleeves were rolled up, which would come down often and they tucked in shirt would pull out of the trousers. This proved cumbersome and irritating to the players, and thus the short-sleeved cotton polo was introduced for increased functionality and comfort.

Polos are distinguished by its short sleeve, the placket style that would contain 2 or 3 buttons. Polos are designed to provide the best comfort for its wearers and be functional and durable. Polos are a principal garment still used for tennis and golf matches, which requires it to cope with all the pressures and strains of the game. Coming in a loose fitting style, your body can breathe as much as it wants without any trouble.

Unisex garments are those that can cater equally to both the sexes, without compromising on fit or style. Unisex polos function best when both the man and the woman is partaking in a team match or use it as a type of uniform. It can also serve as a great promotional wear, or during an event when both men and women would act as volunteers.

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