A tunic is a simple garment that reaches from somewhere between the hips and the ankles from the shoulders. This is a garment used for centuries and is still widely used. Now tunics are used mostly in uniform and religious context.

Those people engaged in providing services in the Health and Beauty care sectors use tunic tops as they provide them with great comfort and helps them to work with ease. Light in weight and using the best breathable fabrics, that are also durable, you can be at your best with tunic tops. If you want to purchase quality tunic tops, just visit Corporate Apparel Online.

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The Tunic Tops that we provide at Corporate Apparel Online comes from Australia’s best-loved brand name - Biz Collection. The products that you can purchase are the BIZ COLLECTION SPA MOCK WRAP TUNIC and the BIZ COLLECTION BLISS ZIP FRONT TUNIC.

The BIZ COLLECTION SPA MOCK WRAP TUNIC is a tunic top that is made from 97% Polyester, 3% Elastane fabric. This fabric blend provides the tunic top with a stretch like an appearance and with durability that helps it to cope with the various daily needs. The linen-like appearance adds to the style of the garment. One main highlight is that this is easy care apparel, and to make things, even more, easier, it comes with Teflon stain release function. So, now stains will be a history with this tunic top. This tunic top comes in a designer style and has an asymmetrical mock-wrap front that provides you with a unique style. Theis top sports an invisible centre back zip and deep side splits for easier comfort. This awesome tunic top is available in Black, Grey and Natural colour options and the size options available are 6-20. You can purchase this apparel for $53.95.

The BIZ COLLECTION BLISS ZIP FRONT TUNIC is a garment that is available in different fabric options that depends on the colour of the garment. The colours available for this tunic top are Black, Black/Magenta and White. The Black and Black/Magenta tunic top comes with 97% Polyester, 3% Elastane fabric blend that helps the garment to provide the wearer with comfort and have stretch properties, so that the wearer can work with ease. The White garment has a fabric blend of 70% Polyester, 25% Rayon, 5% Elastane. This ensures that the garment is a premium stretch fabric providing maximum comfort. Designed for easy care, this product is applied with Dupont Teflon stain release function so that it wouldn’t stain at any time. To increase the confidence of the wearer, the white fabric is designed in such a way that there is no ‘show-through’. On the functionality part, you can find 2 front pockets on the tunic that helps to carry around necessities. For added style, fit and comfort, you can find longer length vented sleeves and deep side splits. You can purchase this garment in size options ranging from 6-20, for an affordable $53.95.

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