Tops are one of the most popular and favoured of all women garments. Soft and easy to wear, they are designed to cater to the needs of any occasion, be it corporate wear or casual wear, and keep the wearer comfortable at all times.

Stats now reveal that women employees are on the rise in the Australian work industry. Be it in the Hospitality sector, Health Care sector, Health and Beauty sector, there has been a lot of women entering these sectors for jobs. As the number of working women is on the rise day by day, in various sectors, the need for high-quality workwear for women began to increase in Australia.

Women employees especially working in health care sector need to have clothing that are created according to the latest innovative styles and techniques and high-quality fabrics, and mostly with superb anti-bacterial properties. The anti-bacterial feature was incorporated to curb the spread of infection through their dresses. And thus, the tops that were designed for women came with these properties that helped them to be cool, comfortable, safe and secure in their workplaces.

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