If in a more casual setting you are asked to choose between a tee and a shirt to wear, you obviously would go for the tee, regardless of its colour or styling. Why so? Because you would feel much comfortable in a tee rather than any other garment.

Tees are functional clothing that is designed for easy wearing. They are most usually made of fabrics that are lightweight so that they are easy on the body and provides you with the best comfort. Tees or t-shirts are unisex clothing, but now tees are there for men and women separately, and they differ in colour and design styles.

Tees stay distinctive from other clothing by its look. They are usually made of cotton material in a stockinette or jersey knit style and has a pliable structure. They would usually have short sleeves and a round neckline, without a collar which is also known as a crew neck. Modern T-shirts is usually made in a tubular style, and the torso would have no side seams.

T-shirts have been used even in the 19th century, though their function was not like what it is now. In the earlier days, they were used as an undergarment and it is by the mid 20th century that it transitioned from undergarment to general use casual clothing. Now, in the present day, it is one among the most worn garments of clothing used today.

Gents are particularly fond of tees as they make a good wear for casual purposes and while engaging in physical activities. As they are light and comfortable, you can easily engage in any activity and it is pretty much easy to clean it also. This clothing is used by a lot of people across various categories for a whole lot of purposes.

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