Corporate Apparel Online has decided to help you make wardrobe decisions completely based on your work domain. Your personality is a combination of the kind of person you are and the kind of clothes you wear. Let us help you out with defining your personality in a more impactful manner.

 ‘Dress for the Job’ is the section where will offer apparel ideas for different industries at regular intervals. For instance, if this week is Banking & Finance, next week we will talk about the Automotive Industry.


Dress for the Job – Accountancy

You are a number genius. You deal with real money and are the real deal. People look up to you for your expertise in managing money and helping out businesses. In other words, you are in serious business and hence are better off looking like you mean it.

As an Accountant, you will often be judged based on the first impression you make. So our recommendation for you is something business-like, with a touch of style and absolutely no boring element.

Bid farewell to regular skirts, ladies. A well fitting pencil skirt paired with a lovely satin shirt and tall comfortable heels would instantly make you look like you are cut out for the job. The fashionable twist to regular business wear would showcase your self-confidence. Great first impression guaranteed.

There are various other options for ladies – the most stylish we think is pairing a satin shirt with a sleeveless jacket and a slim leg pants. You’ve got the business-wear, with a generous layer of ‘fashion’ on top. Oh so stylish!

As for you clean shaven men; there are few things in this world that look better than a confident man in a Jacket and Tie. ‘Well-fitting’ is the keyword here. Pick out a slimline jacket that fits like a dream and match with same color flat front pants. Dark or Light colored shirt, to match your mood for the day. Go creative with the tie, creative but no too loud.

If jacket is not your thing, how about a Longline Vest? We would say, buy both.

Variety makes your wardrobe all the more exciting. If you are a female accountant – a pencil skirt, a pencil fit pant, comfort fit pants and lovely pastel shade silk shirts are must haves!

If you are a male accountant, remember to buy a Slimline Jacket, a Longline Vest, A two button Jacket and Slimline/Flatfront pants.

You need it all to look like a perfect package of brains and style!