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Stylish chic shift dresses now at corporate apparels

By Yashaswini Gowda
on September 05, 2019
Stylish chic shift dresses now at corporate apparels


Staying stylish in office wear is as easy as drinking your favourite coffee in the morning. But, there are few who find it tough to get that chic looks and make a style statement. 

Wearing high-end clothes and not knowing how to carry them is a recipe for disaster. There are certain ways you can stay simple yet make an ultra-feminine fashion statement. 

Especially when it comes to workwear and fashion, It is a headache for many. One of the easy ways to save yourself from being a fashion “Faux Pas” at your office is by opting safe and comfortable corporate clothes like formal dresses, skirts, denim, pants etc.

One of the easiest choices is “Shift dresses”. Shift dresses are a short or usually no sleeved dresses that are one single piece dress from shoulders to knee length.

A shift dress does not have any embellishments or any work on it, keeping it as simple as possible. A shift dress is usually not fitted to the body and is loosely stitched giving the best of comforts to the wearer during the office. 

A properly done shift dress gives you the best of comforts when you are at work. When in winter, you can always pair your shift dress with stockings and leggings making it a versatile dress to own as a professional. 

We at corporate apparel online bring you a huge collection of shift dress that is absolutely stylish and chic. The dresses are from Biz corporates which is a trusted brand across Australia. 

You can find our entire range of Shift dress here

At corporate apparel, we have all sort of workwear for both men and women. Check out our entire range here at

Screen Print Services at Corporate Apparel Online

By Yashaswini Gowda
on August 27, 2019
Screen Print Services at Corporate Apparel Online

Customising fabrics has now become one of the most things. With blank apparels now being an increasing trend, the scope of apparel customisation has widened even more. The increased popularity of apparel customisation has led to many new printing techniques being introduced.

Despite many new printing techniques being introduced, none has been as popular as screen print. Screen print is one of the oldest printing techniques and is also known as Silk Screen Printing. In this printing technique, a mesh is used to transfer the ink to the fabric. The areas where ink is not needed is made impermeable with blocking stencils.

In screen printing, the screen used would be polyester or any other fine mesh. The ink would be applied over the screen and it would be forced through the fine mesh openings using a blade or squeegee. The ink is applied in a controlled amount to the substrate, and a reverse stroke is applied so that the screen would touch the substrate and the design formed. As the squeegee moves towards the rear of the screen the tension of the mesh pulls it away from the substrate, which leaves the ink upon the substrate surface.

The great highlight of screen printing is that it can be used for a wide variety of purposes and on a great range of surfaces. The most important and famous application of them can be found in fabrics, and this technique was used on fabrics from the earlier days itself. Screen printing also have some great advantages, and some of them are:

  • Durable - Thanks to the composition and thickness of the ink used in screen printing, the designs created using this technique can withstand more stress and never lose the quality of the print.
  • Finish - Screen printing offers more better finish as vibrant colours are produced that can’t possibly be replicated by any other technique.
  • Versatility - As screen printing can be used to do designs on literally any surface, it offers a more versatile solution than other techniques.
  • Bulk order friendly - Screen printing can be used to do designs that are multi colours. As each colours require a separate screen, it becomes the best for large orders. In screen printing, you can also have cheaper costs of printing, when you place more orders.

Screen printing services can now be availed at Corporate Apparel Online. Corporate Apparel Online is an online store owned and maintained by PR Ventures, an Australian company that has been into providing quality services in uniforms, promotional and branding activities and so on. By being a part of PR Ventures, we have a first hand knowledge of how the industry works, and thus have been able to provide quality solutions to our customers.

At Corporate Apparel Online, we have Screen Print services that are provided at the best affordable rates in the industry. From our services, you avail 1 Colour Print at $4.95, 2 Colour Print at $7.70, 3 Colour Print at $8.80 and 4 Colour Print at $11.00. We have a low minimum of 15 items and our pricing structure is devised in a way that helps you to earn more as the more you order. We also charge a small setup fee for first time users.

Avail the best Screen Print services from Corporate Apparel Online and avail cost effective and outstanding branding solutions.

New Arrivals at Corporate Apparel Online

By Yashaswini Gowda
on August 12, 2019
New Arrivals at Corporate Apparel Online

Everyone loves to have something new. If we see that some stores have a new range of products, we would undoubtedly visit the store, curious to know what it is that they have. For us, new is always synonymous to better.

Each store, if they have a range of new products, would undoubtedly broadcast the fact so that people may come and check, and purchase those products. And if it is from some major brand, they will be all the more happy to do so, and so are we at Corporate Apparel Online.

Corporate Apparel Online, as you all know it, is Australia’s leading online store, from where you can purchase products like Uniform Clothing, Promotional Clothing, Sportswear etc., at the very best price. By providing a wide range of outstanding products that come from some reputed clothing brands in Australia, Corporate Apparel Online ensures that each Aussie receives the best products at an affordable price.

At Corporate Apparel Online, we are proud to host a new range of awesome clothing products, designed in accordance to the latest fashion with the most innovative cutting edge technology to provide the wearers with the best comfort, be it at their workplace, or during sports or games, or anywhere. The new arrivals at Corporate Apparel Online come from two famous names in the Australian clothing industry - Biz Corporates and Stencil.

Biz Corporates is a manufacturer of high-quality uniform clothing and hails from the global fashion house, Fashion Biz Ltd. Biz Corporates specializes in providing quality dressing solutions for sectors like Office, Franchise, Government, Retail, Health & Aged Care, Retail, and such. Be it the range, or service, Biz Corporates provides everything that the Aussie working community would possibly need.

Stencil, a manufacturer and provider of HY-TECH clothing products has been a major player in the Australian clothing industry from 1996. What makes Stencil brand famous is that they have an innate desire to provide the best quality and outstanding promotional, uniform and sportswear apparel to the people. The unique feature of this brand is that they always stress on bringing out innovative designs and high-quality fabrics that provide maximum comfort to the Australian working population.

Among our new arrivals, from these two major brands, you can find products in a wide range of categories such as Gents Shirts, Ladies Pants, Ladies Shirts, Ladies Suit Jacket, Dresses, Gents Polos, Ladies Polos and Ladies Top. Get your hands on your favourite product to enjoy the new and better clothing from Corporate Apparel Online. 

For using your favourite clothing products as a branding tool, you can avail the best in industry Embroidery services from Corporate Apparel Online. By being a part of PR Ventures Pty. Ltd., a company that has over 10 years of experience in providing exceptional clothing and branding solutions, Corporate Apparel Online can provide you with outstanding solutions for your branding needs, in the most cost-effective way. With Corporate Apparel Online, you will be the proud recipient of style, comfort and cost-effective branding solutions.

Purchase the best of the best from the new arrivals sported at Corporate Apparel Online. Visit our online store now.

Ladies Vests at Corporate Apparel Online

By Yashaswini Gowda
on August 06, 2019
Ladies Vests at Corporate Apparel Online

 The sectors that a modern woman has entered into are many. From the times when they were not allowed to venture out of their homes, a sea change has happened, to a time where they are one of the main breadwinners for the family.

Be it in the employment sector, or participating in physical training and other activities, we can find the presence of women everywhere. As they ventured out into multiple areas, there arose the need for ladies garments that catered to their many needs. As a result, one category of clothing came to the forefront, that, in varied styles, catered to the needs of women and became one of the most popular wears for women.

The category of clothing mentioned above is the Ladies Vest. A vest, as we all know is a sleeveless garment covering the upper body that can be used for a variety of purposes. It can be worn as a part of corporate clothing, or on the top of tees while partaking in physical activities. Either way, it is one functional garment that accentuates the style of a woman and provides her with an authoritative look.

Functional and durable ladies have been one of the most sought after products by the Australian active women. Though it was available from many services providers around Australia, the problem that customers faced was that they had to spend a fortune to purchase these apparels. To provide a lasting solution for this, Corporate Apparel Online, a part of PR Ventures, started to provide a range of high-quality Ladies Vests at the best prices in Australia.

At Corporate Apparel Online, you can find products from the leading brand names such as Biz Corporates, Biz Collection, James Harvest, Stencil and Gear for Life. From Stencil brand, you can purchase the STENCIL LADIES' SOFTSHELL LITE VEST, which is made of breathable hi-tech fabric and created to function ideally for the cold, windy weather. 


At Corporate Apparel Online, you can avail the service of Afterpay, which helps you to purchase your favourite products without paying a single cent at the time of purchase. The order amount of your purchase can be paid in 4 equal fortnightly installments, free on interest. So, now with Corporate Apparel Online, the balance in your credit card or bank account doesn’t come into play and back you off from your favourite purchase.

Purchase the best and high quality Ladies Vests at the best affordable rates from Corporate Apparel Online today itself. Visit our online store now.

Ladies Suit Jackets at Corporate Apparel Online

By Yashaswini Gowda
on July 31, 2019
Ladies Suit Jackets at Corporate Apparel Online

A great suit jacket can lend a great style to the corporate employee. Whether it is a lady or a man, one dressed in a piece of high-quality suit stands apart even while in a great crowd, with many even admiring the way they look.

Suit jackets can accentuate the style of a person, lift his personality and make him a “perfect” man, and this has been a style of dressing that has been followed across centuries. Now with many women entering the corporate arena, there has been a need for high-quality suiting for ladies, and many brands have started to bring out suit jackets that uplift the feminine style and look, yet provides them with a look and feel of confidence and authority.

At Corporate Apparel Online, we have a collection of high-quality suit jackets for ladies. By listing products from the leading brands in Australia, we make sure that the Aussie corporate community has some of the best products in the industry that provides them with the best of comfort and ease that enables them to produce their maximum productivity. Highly durable products with stretch and flexible features provide you with the best range of motion and moves along with you.

The Ladies Suit Jacket collection at Corporate Apparel Online comes from two great brands in Australia – Biz Corporates and Van Heusen. With these great renowned brands, you can be sure of getting the best products made from high-quality fabrics and innovative technologies. At Corporate Apparel Online, these products can be vailed at the best affordable prices.

To decorate your suit jacket with your employer’s logo, you can avail the Branding services of Corporate Apparel Online. With great knowledge about the importance of branding and with years of experience in providing branding solutions, we can provide you with the best and outstanding embroidery services at the best affordable rates.

Purchase the best Ladies Suit Jackets from Corporate Apparel Online at the best competitive price today itself. Visit our online store now.

Ladies Singlets at Corporate Apparel Online

By Yashaswini Gowda
on July 29, 2019
Ladies Singlets at Corporate Apparel Online

Singlets are sleeveless athletic jerseys, usually a loose-fitting top that is worn by runners joggers or anyone partaking in an active lifestyle. They are functional garments that can be worn by all categories of people and they would cater to a variety of uses too.


Singlets are often entrusted with the responsibility to perform high. It is because, as the wearers are partaking in an active lifestyle, they should keep the wearers cool and comfortable and never stick to the body. Thus it was necessary that they possess the features of quick-dry, moisture-wicking and others. Highly performing singlets were singled out by checking out these innovative features.

Realizing this, many brands have come to the forefront in manufacturing high-quality singlets that possessed all these qualities. As women also started to engage more in an active lifestyle, be it in sports, games or other exercises, singlets for ladies became a necessary item, and these brands were quick to provide those too. By catering to the various needs of the women and helping them feel comfortable when wearing them, these singlets grew much in popularity among the women athletes.

As the popularity of Ladies singlets started to increase, there has been a search for the place that provided the best and high-quality singlets. Though Aussies were able to purchase them from various places, they had to pay a fortune for those apparels. This is where Corporate Apparel Online comes in and make a difference. We are the leading online store in Australia that provides high quality apparels at a competitive price in Australia. This has helped us to grow to be the most trusted and popular online store in Australia.

At Corporate Apparel Online, we provide a collection of high quality Ladies Singlets. The ladies singlets that we provide come from some leading brand names in Australia such as Biz Collection, Stencil and Gear for Life.




A range of high quality products provided at the best prices in Australia is what sets Corporate Apparel Online a class apart from the other online stores. To make your purchases more easier, we have partnered with Afterpay. With this service, you can purchase any apparel of your choice without paying anything at the time of the purchase. All you would need is to choose the Pay with Afterpay option and they would pay the amount for you. You can repay the amount in 4 equal payments, free of interest.

Purchase the best and high quality Ladies Singlets from Corporate Apparel Online at the best price in the Australia and enjoy exceptional service and quality at the most affordable of costs. Also, for any purchase that is worth $250, you can avail an astounding 2.5% off with Corporate Apparel Online. Visit our online store now.

Doctors protection : Healthcare Shirts from City Collection now at Corporate Apparel Online

By Yashaswini Gowda
on July 23, 2019
Doctors protection : Healthcare Shirts from City Collection now at Corporate Apparel Online

 Healthcare industry is one of the most sensitive industries in the world. The term sensitive is meant to denote that it is an area where there is an increased risk of spread of infection who treat the rest of the world. The products that are used in this industry must be capable enough to curb this as much as possible.

Shirts designed to cater to the healthcare industry thus become an important product, as they must be crafted with much care and detail. It must be ensured that they possess all the qualities that help it to stop the growth of infection and keep the wearer and the people around them safe and secure. 

Healthcare shirts are crafted from the latest technologies that lend them anti-bacterial properties to restrict the spread of the growth of harmful bacteria to up to 99%.

City Collection, a well-renowned brand in Australia, brings out a great range of awesome products that cater to the Healthcare industry. 

Each product of City Collection is carefully selected and ensure that they are hard wearing and durable fabrics that can stand up to the test of time and perform well and cater to the everyday requirements of the industry. This high-quality assurance and excellent services have helped City Collection to grow up into being one of the market leaders in the healthcare industry.

Corporate Apparel Online, Australia’s most sought after online store for purchasing high-quality corporate clothing and promotional clothing, has a good range of shirts from City Collection, that caters to the healthcare industry. The shirts for the healthcare industry that we provide come under two categories, Men’s Shirts and Ladies Shirts.

Corporate Apparel Online is well renowned for the fact that we provide the best clothing at the best rates in the industry. Our vast knowledge of the Australian corporate clothing industry, by being a part of PR Ventures, a decade-old service provider in Australia, has helped us to provide the Aussies with what they need for their work life.

We also provide high-quality branding solutions that help you to embellish your shirt with the logo of your organization. It can, no doubt, help in the branding purposes of your organization.

Purchase the best Healthcare shirts from City Collection and enjoy the new innovative way of staying safe at your workplace. Visit the online store of Corporate Apparel Online now.

Gear for Life Ladies Tees for the Active Ladies

By Satish Sabnani
on July 16, 2019

Gear for Life is one among the few brands whose name is suggestive of what they do. This is a brand that is all about developing high-quality gears essential for a safe and comfortable life. This has made the brand so popular with the Aussies.

Gear for Life began serving the Aussies with high-quality clothing from 2000. With almost 2 decades of service under its belt, this brand exactly knows what to provide the people with so as to be trusted by them. Be it for corporate uses, casual purposes or for an active lifestyle, you can have the best clothing that can help you engage in your activities easily.

Gear for life is a brand that has products created with innovation, fabrics designed to provide comfort and styles designed to ensure the best fit. The products that are remarkable in quality and unbeatable in value makes Gear for Life a distinctive brand. This brand provides each of its customers with comprehensive product solutions that cover each of their needs.

Whether you need high-performance activewear, functional wear, or a stylish and trendy corporate wear, be sure to find them all with Gear for Life. By catering to all categories of people, Gear for Life has been popular with men and women alike. A good range of high-quality products for women has made this brand stand a class apart from its competitors, and among them is the Ladies Tees.

Tees are simple clothing that can be used for a wide range of purposes. They are comfortable and durable and are easy to wear. This has made tees one of the most popular garments among people all around the world. For the active ladies, you can have awesome tees from Gear for Life, and they are available at Corporate Apparel Online.


Corporate Apparel Online is Australia’s best trusted online store for purchase of high-quality corporate clothing, business wear, casual wear, team wear and many more. The products that provide come from some of the best-loved brands in Australia, and you can also purchase these products at the best prices in the industry.

The Gear for Life Tees that we provide under the Ladies Tees category is the GEAR FOR LIFE DRI GEAR WOMENS ACTIVE VIPER TEE and the GEAR FOR LIFE DRI GEAR WOMENS PLAIN RAGLAN TEE. The GEAR FOR LIFE DRI GEAR WOMENS ACTIVE VIPER TEE is made of a 100% micro-polyester fabric weighing 140gsm. Designed for activewear, this tee has excellent moisture-wicking properties that keep you dry and fresh all the time. This tee provides excellent UV protection so that going out in the sun is safe. The contrast panels sported by this tee provides it with distinctive styling. This tee is available in colour options like Black/White, Navy/Sky and Navy/White. The size options the tee is available in ranges from 8-18. You can purchase this tee for an affordable $20.95.

The GEAR FOR LIFE DRI GEAR WOMENS PLAIN RAGLAN TEE comes with a distinctive raglan styling. This tee is made from a 100% micro-polyester fabric that weighs 140gsm. The self-fabric V neck binding provides this tee with great styling and durability at the same time. The moisture-wicking properties of this tee can see to it that you stay fresh and dry at all times, no matter how hard you engage in your tasks. This tee also provides awesome UV protection and a cover stitch detailing on raglan sleeves and side panels provides it with great styling. This tee is available in Black, Navy, Red, Royal and White colour options. The sizes available ranges from 8-22. You can purchase this for an affordable $20.95.

Purchase high-quality GEAR FOR LIFE DRI GEAR WOMENS ACTIVE VIPER TEE and GEAR FOR LIFE DRI GEAR WOMENS PLAIN RAGLAN TEE at the best price from Corporate Apparel Online. Visit our online store now.

Dress for the Job

By Indu Baluja
on June 30, 2014

Corporate Apparel Online has decided to help you make wardrobe decisions completely based on your work domain. Your personality is a combination of the kind of person you are and the kind of clothes you wear. Let us help you out with defining your personality in a more impactful manner.

 ‘Dress for the Job’ is the section where will offer apparel ideas for different industries at regular intervals. For instance, if this week is Banking & Finance, next week we will talk about the Automotive Industry.


Dress for the Job – Accountancy

You are a number genius. You deal with real money and are the real deal. People look up to you for your expertise in managing money and helping out businesses. In other words, you are in serious business and hence are better off looking like you mean it.

As an Accountant, you will often be judged based on the first impression you make. So our recommendation for you is something business-like, with a touch of style and absolutely no boring element.

Bid farewell to regular skirts, ladies. A well fitting pencil skirt paired with a lovely satin shirt and tall comfortable heels would instantly make you look like you are cut out for the job. The fashionable twist to regular business wear would showcase your self-confidence. Great first impression guaranteed.

There are various other options for ladies – the most stylish we think is pairing a satin shirt with a sleeveless jacket and a slim leg pants. You’ve got the business-wear, with a generous layer of ‘fashion’ on top. Oh so stylish!

As for you clean shaven men; there are few things in this world that look better than a confident man in a Jacket and Tie. ‘Well-fitting’ is the keyword here. Pick out a slimline jacket that fits like a dream and match with same color flat front pants. Dark or Light colored shirt, to match your mood for the day. Go creative with the tie, creative but no too loud.

If jacket is not your thing, how about a Longline Vest? We would say, buy both.

Variety makes your wardrobe all the more exciting. If you are a female accountant – a pencil skirt, a pencil fit pant, comfort fit pants and lovely pastel shade silk shirts are must haves!

If you are a male accountant, remember to buy a Slimline Jacket, a Longline Vest, A two button Jacket and Slimline/Flatfront pants.

You need it all to look like a perfect package of brains and style!

Why Corporate Apparel Online?

By Deepa Sabnani
on May 22, 2014

Corporate Apparel Online (CAO) gives a whole new perspective to uniform shopping. No more tedious running around, bargaining with various vendors and ending up with sub-standard products. We are making it easy for you. As easy as it can get. As easy as a few clicks.

Does the pleasure of shopping online mean limited options? Not at all.

CAO brings to you Australia’s best corporate uniform brands. Make your selection from top-runners like Biz Corporates, Biz Collection, Van Heusen and Style Corp. Our product range spreads out to include everything you might need as a corporate brand. Not just that, we have a number of variations under each product. If you’re looking for a skirt – you have options such as Straight, Relaxed, Pleated, Multi-pleat, Pencil Skirt, etc.

You could pick Shirts with various sleeve options – Full sleeve, half sleeve, capped sleeve, etc. We have pants ranging from Easy Fit to Hipster Fit.

Whoever thought uniforms are boring has not heard of us yet. Add a touch of style and comfort to your daily office wear. Looking good equates to feeling good, doesn’t it?

Why CAO?

Corporate Apparel Online is your best bet for various reasons:


- You get to pick from all top brands in the market today

- No more dealing with limited options


- Minimums:

Absolutely no minimums! 1, 10 or 100 mean the same to us. You will get top quality product no matter the number.

- Volume Discounts:

At CAO everyone is a winner. Buy more and get more discounts. As simple as that:

Orders over $500.00 - get 15% Off - Use Code CAO15

Orders over $1000.00 - get 20% off - Use Code CAO20

Orders over $2000.00 - get 25% Off - Use Code CAO25

- FREE Shipping:

For orders over $100, enjoy fast and free shipping Australia Wide.


Nothing speaks more loudly about your brand than a bit of embroidery on uniforms. Our team of designers can whip up magic and show it off in the embroidery. All you have to do is provide us with a high-resolution version of the graphics you’d like to use.


With Corporate Apparel Online, making your selection is easy, placing your order is very quick and receiving it is quicker. In case you’re unhappy with our product or product size, we have a hassle free returns policy as well. We told you our aim is to make it easy for you, didn’t we?

We hope these are enough reasons for bookmarking CAO as your go-to online vendor. Sign up for our newsletter and LIKE us on FB to get a 10% discount on the first order:

The age of convenience is upon us, dear people!