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Customising fabrics has now become one of the most things. With blank apparels now being an increasing trend, the scope of apparel customisation has widened even more. The increased popularity of apparel customisation has led to many new printing techniques being introduced.

Despite many new printing techniques being introduced, none has been as popular as screen print. Screen print is one of the oldest printing techniques and is also known as Silk Screen Printing. In this printing technique, a mesh is used to transfer the ink to the fabric. The areas where ink is not needed is made impermeable with blocking stencils.

In screen printing, the screen used would be polyester or any other fine mesh. The ink would be applied over the screen and it would be forced through the fine mesh openings using a blade or squeegee. The ink is applied in a controlled amount to the substrate, and a reverse stroke is applied so that the screen would touch the substrate and the design formed. As the squeegee moves towards the rear of the screen the tension of the mesh pulls it away from the substrate, which leaves the ink upon the substrate surface.

The great highlight of screen printing is that it can be used for a wide variety of purposes and on a great range of surfaces. The most important and famous application of them can be found in fabrics, and this technique was used on fabrics from the earlier days itself. Screen printing also have some great advantages, and some of them are:

  • Durable - Thanks to the composition and thickness of the ink used in screen printing, the designs created using this technique can withstand more stress and never lose the quality of the print.
  • Finish - Screen printing offers more better finish as vibrant colours are produced that can’t possibly be replicated by any other technique.
  • Versatility - As screen printing can be used to do designs on literally any surface, it offers a more versatile solution than other techniques.
  • Bulk order friendly - Screen printing can be used to do designs that are multi colours. As each colours require a separate screen, it becomes the best for large orders. In screen printing, you can also have cheaper costs of printing, when you place more orders.

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