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Track pants, which are trousers that are soft, and also known as sweat pants, are garments of clothing that were originally intended for comfort and athletic purposes. This is a garment that has been around for almost a century and is still widely regarded as activewear.

The main purpose of track pants is to help the wearer move easily and comfortably without any difficulties. This garment is mostly used while running and jogging, and thereby, it should help the wearer move easily. This property is achieved by the stretch properties that this garment has. These garments are usually made from cotton or polyester material and they are often of a heavy knit that adds to the strength of the garment.

For easy wearing and to facilitate easy taking off, tracks pants would be manufactured in a loose or baggy design. This can also add to the comfort and flexibility of the track pant. They are designed in such a way that heat is not trapped inside. As the body gets heated more with increased aerobic activities, this design can help keep the body cool. Because of the fashion and comfort they provide, track pants have become a popular choice of clothing by many. They are now also available in fashionable styles and are also increasingly worn in a variety of public situations.

Track pants are clothing that is worn by all genders of people and we can find men's track pants and ladies track pants manufactured specifically for each gender. But, what if you need it for a team wear purpose and that the team consists of men and women? Well, it is where unisex track pants come into play.

Unisex garments of clothing that are those which are “suitable for both sexes and to a style in which men and women look and dress in a similar way.” Unisex clothing has thereby gained much popularity as it easily fits the people, no matter what their gender is.

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