The functionality of polos is evident from the fact that these garments are used for a wide variety of purposes and industry sectors, including healthcare. For a garment designed to function as activewear, this versatility has made it all the more popular among the people.

The first polo was used as active wear. It was designed to cater to the various needs of tennis players. Though still it is largely used in sports like tennis, golf and such, it is also used as a casual dress. The use of quality fabrics and designed with careful craftsmanship has added to the demand for this garment to always be on the rise among the people.

As mentioned earlier, polos are used in the healthcare industry too. Healthcare industry is one of the most sensitive and risky industry sectors in the world, because of its higher probability of the spread of infection. So, it is important that all the products and equipment used in the healthcare industry must be designed to curb these risks and keep the wearer or user safety.

Many brands come out with products designed to provide to the needs of the healthcare industry. But, while providing these products, they should make sure that the products are designed according to the safety standards and have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. With bacteria, viruses and other harmful agents and pathogens in plenty in this industry, it is imperative that the garments and other products come with these properties. And if there is a brand that provides exactly this, then it is Biz Corporates. 

ADVATEX is a technologically advanced range, or in other words smart, range of clothing designed specifically for those who are engaged in the Healthcare environments. The unique characteristics of this clothing have marked the beginning of a new era in infection control. Even though healthcare organizations and personnel work hard to control infections around the world, they struggle to control infection rates within their own facilities. The realization of this need led them to develop the ADVATEX range of clothing.

The ADVATEX range is designed to help in limiting the spread of bacteria from caregiver to patient via their workplace apparel. It has been proven that ADVATEX range can work effectively on 8 common types of bacteria and would result in 80-99% of them perishing while in contact with the garment.

From Biz Corporates, there is one amazing polo designed for ladies, for the healthcare industry, and it is the Biz Corporates Advatex Swindon Ladies Polo. This quality polo, as the name suggests, comes from the famous ADVATEX range, and is made from a fabric blend of 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester, which ensures amazing comfort and outstanding durability. This fabric has a weight of 175gsm. For easy wearing and fit, you can find that this polo comes in contemporary styling and the cotton back knit provides the polo with added comfort feature.

On the functionality side, this polo features a front pocket that helps you to carry around necessities without much hassle. You can always be sure of receiving the best protection and staying away from infection with this quality polo.

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The Biz Corporates Advatex Swindon Ladies Polo is available in colour options such as Navy/Melon, Navy/Blue, Navy/Dynasty Green and Navy/White. The polo is available in sizes ranging from 4-32 and you can purchase this product for $33.95. Visit Corporate Apparel Online now!