Kill the fear of workplace infections with Advatex workwear!


Infection control is something that has been a concern for many healthcare and aged care institutions.

Though it is easy for these institutions to control the spread of infection around them, the same has not been the case for these institutions to curb the spread of infection within the industry.

Well, now it is all old news. With the world becoming smarter day by day, it was imperative for new innovations to take place in the clothing industry. 

A product of such an innovation, let us welcome the new Advatex range of clothing from Biz Corporates. Advatex is a new and advanced way of bacterial control through textile or clothing.

The Advatex range of uniform clothing is developed with the intention of curbing the spread of infection at the workplace. This innovative range has been designed specifically for those people who are engaged in caretaking services in the Healthcare and Aged Care environments. 

The idea behind developing this range was born out when it became clear that all over the world, hospitals and healthcare personnel struggle to control infection rates within their own facilities.

Advatex helps in limiting the spread of bacteria from caregiver to patient via their apparel. The Advatex range has an anti-microbial effect that is the result of the natural element silver. Silver gets this quality through the free silver ions. 

These silver ions have a ‘triple effect’ mechanism technology and the silver ions with a positive charge have bacteriostatic effects. The best part is that the active silver ingredient cannot be washed or dry cleaned out of the textile. It can control 8 major bacterial strains with an 80 - 99% effectiveness. Advatex textiles are not only able to resist bacteria, but can actively eliminate it.

To provide the best safety, it must be assured that the product conforms to all safety standards. Each product of the Advatex range has been brought out after ensuring its safety standards. You can be assured that the clothing from this range is absolutely safe for your skin. Tests have confirmed that silver ion technology has no influence on the natural balance of the skin.

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