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Polos are one among the most sought after garments all around the world. What makes it so popular is that the garment easily caters to a wide variety of purposes, including activewear and casual wear, and provides each of its wearers with the best comfort.

The first polo shirt was designed as activewear by a tennis player. The tennis players played tennis using a white long sleeve shirt, which they wore with the sleeves rolled up. As they ran around and used their hands a lot, the sleeves would roll down and cause great discomfort to the wearers. To counter this, a short-sleeved shirt with a pique knit cotton fabric was designed and it was the first polo shirt.

This garment instantly answered all the needs of the tennis players and was an instant hit. From the later stages of the 1920s onwards, this garment has been on the rise in popularity with the people. This is still widely used in tennis and golf games where it is considered as standard attire for these sports.

What polos can provide each of its wearers with are awesome comfort and unique styling. Well, this is particularly true with Biz Collection Mens Cambridge Polo. The fact that this comes from the ever renowned Biz Collection brand is more than enough to describe the polo - high in quality and best in style. And what makes Biz Collection stand apart from its competition?

Biz Collection is a part of the globally renowned Fashion Biz manufacturing house. From 1989, Biz Collection has been at the forefront of designing and developing high-quality garments that suited the various needs of the people. Biz Collection is a brand that knows style and so is engaged in manufacturing the best stylish and functional garments.

What Biz Collection provides each of its wearers is with the best garments that are the epitome of quality. This is because Biz Collection brand believes in the “in a roundabout way” philosophy. They believe that if only the best quality is provided to each to their customers would they come back for more. This has helped the brand to be considered as the most trusted in Australia.

The Biz Collection Mens Cambridge Polo P227MS is one of the most after products from Biz Collection. This polo shirt is made of a fabric blend of 50% Cotton inner and 50% Polyester Pique Outer. This specially developed fabric has a soft cotton inner face which provides you with Cotton-backed comfort. This fabric blend is undoubtedly the best when it comes to durability too. 

The polyester fabric is the BizCool Breathable Polyester fabric that keeps you cool, fresh and dry all day long. This fabric has excellent moisture-wicking properties that removes moisture easily from the body and dries it on the surface.

The fabric of the polo has a weight of 170gsm that helps it lay easy on the body. The matching knitted collar and cuff with twin stripes lend you with that extra bit of style whenever you need it. It provides good protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun while you are outdoors. The polo also comes with a loose pocket.

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The Biz Collection Mens Cambridge Polo P227MS is available in colours such as Black/Red/White, Black/White, Steel Grey/Black/White, Royal/White, White/Black/Red, Emerald/White/Black and such. This polo is available in sizes the range from S-3XL and 5XL. It can be purchased for $18.95.